Technical Articles

Adhesive & Mold Curing:

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  • SMTA_16 “The Dynamics of Low Stress Epoxy Curing”, SMTA International, Chicago, 2016.

Dielectric Film Curing:

  • SOP_6 “Low Temperature Cure of PBO Films on Wafers”, Symposium on Polymers in Microelectronics, 2006.
  • IEEE_7 “Variable Frequency Microwave and Convection Furnace Curing of Polybenzoxazole Buffer Layer for GaAs HBT Technology”, IEEE Trans. Semicon. Manufact., 2007.
  • Matsutani Paper “Low Temperature Curing of Polyimide Precursors by Variable Frequency Microwave” by Matsutani,
  • IWLPC_12 “Reduced Stress and Improved 2.5/3D IC Process Compatibility with Stable Polyimide Dielectrics”, International Wafer Level Packaging Conference, 2012.
  • SOP_12 “Rapid Cure of Polyimide Coatings for Packaging Applications using Variable Frequency Microwave Irradiation”, Symposium on Polymers in Microelectronics, 2012.
  • SOP_14 “Properties and Characteristics of HD4100 PSPI Cured at 250°C with Microwaves”, Symposium on Polymers for Microelectronics, 2014.

Life and Food Sciences:

Industrial Application: