Microwave Systems

Lambda Technologies is a microwave equipment and process development company applying microwave energy solutions for advanced research through full production implementation. Our products employ the unique benefits of microwave energy to improve performance and reduce costs for a broad range of applications.

Our operating philosophy has been to bring together advanced microwave equipment design engineering with chemistry and material science specialists to offer all the advantages of microwave energy to a wide range of thermal process applications. Lambda products are based on proprietary Variable Frequency Microwave (VFM) Technology to provide the ultimate in flexibility and control of microwave energy into a process chamber. VFM ensures excellent uniformity and eliminates arcing or hot spot & thermal runaway issues typical of conventional microwave ovens.

The VariWave family of VFM systems are available for laboratory or integrated production applications while the MicroCure product family offers higher power lab scale up to full production scale equipment options.  Lambda also offers a line of VFM OEM modules that can be integrated into your existing apparatus for controlled delivery of discrete frequencies across the available bandwidth or in continuously swept operation.
The following provides an overview VFM equipment options:

VFM Production Systems

MC5100 (New 5100) MicroDry lambda_5300 SC-PA-03 (Medium) Batch-Wafer-Tool-01
Inline Batch VariDry R2R Serpentine R2R   VFM Hybrid Automated Batch Wafer
                                             Note: Roll-to-Roll or Reel-to-Reel = R2R
Production scale VFM systems are available for inline, batch or continuous processing; including continuously moving flex circuits, battery electrode web or any other material that requires fast inline heating.  Modular and turnkey systems can be tailored to meet your processing requirements.

Laboratory VFM Systems

Vari-Wave-01 IBM-3100-01
Tabletop VariWave-II Integrated Vac & Gas Control
Laboratory scale VFM systems are available and serve the needs of a wide range of multidisciplinary research across several industries. Results obtained in lab scale systems have transferred easily to Lambda’s high volume production systems described above.

Power & Control Modules

Superlinear PM Cropped DSCN7654 6131-Controller-Black-HPA-Ghost-Chrome-02
High Power Compact Solid State High Power OEM
Lambda designs and manufactures VFM power and control modules based on solid state or traveling wave broadband microwave sources. Frequency bands in the 2-18 GHz range and maximum power up to 2 KW are available. Flexible system architecture allows multiple power modules to be controlled together for even higher power application requirements.  Lambda engineers can either lead or consult on integration design.

Process Modules & Applicators

Standard-ATM-Process-Cavity-01 PolyMicro-Chamber-01  Wave-reactor-cavity-02 In-line-Continuous-Battery-Cavity-01 In-line-Batch-5100-Cavity-01
Batch Tunable S.M. Wave-Reactor Inline Integrated

Standard process modules and applicators are available alone or integrated with a VFM power & control module. Our applications and design engineers can also work with you to define and design solutions to meet your needs. The process modules can be tailored for processes such as curing thin films on semiconductor wafers, drying battery electrodes, curing and joining carbon fiber composites, microwave and plasma catalysis, chemical & nanoparticle synthesis as well as biomaterial processing.