Microwave Controls

In order to allow the user to take full advantage of VFM benefits, Lambda has developed microwave control software that is extremely powerful, and yet intuitive to use. The control software allows each VFM system to calibrate microwave power, resulting in repeatable and accurate application of microwave energy to your process.

Process controls allow the user to develop recipes for automated processing of materials. A VFM recipe provides the following features:

  • Closed loop temperature ramp and soak steps using PID or On/Off control
  • Multiple ramps and soaks in a single recipe allowing for complex recipe design
  • Process limit programming to ensure each process meets strict requirements for time, temperature and energy
  • Recipe coordination with user controls
  • Swept or Fixed frequency operations

The user is not limited to automated operations. The VFM control system was designed with process engineers and scientists in mind. A full suite of manual controls is available to allow the user the ability to experiment with the application of microwave energy to their target materials. Power, frequency, temperature, and time are all variables that are available for experimentation.