Since 1994, Lambda Technologies has been providing the most advanced microwave technology, products and customer support around the world for materials research, process development and various production applications.

Lambda designs and markets research and industrial processing tools that incorporate the unique microwave technology to ensure optimum control and delivery of microwave energy for most thermal processes, even those typically not compatible with fixed frequency microwave ovens. To be specific, our Variable Frequency Microwave (VFM) ensures excellent uniformity, no matter what the scale, while permitting use of metals and circuits in the oven without fear of arcing or damage. Hence VFM has been adopted for curing of adhesives and polymer coatings in the semiconductor industry. Our ability to control single mode or multimode microwave electric fields in a friendly and uniform manner enables a broader range of use for industrial and scientific applications. The inherent frequency agile control features of VFM opens new experimental space for synthesis and many bio-medical applications.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and full support from application development to installation and field service. We welcome the opportunity to assist with your specific application.